Previous Guest Speakers

Previous Guest Speakers include:

17 Jan 2023: COL Bill Ayers, USMC (Ret) PTSD specialist

13 Dec 2022: CAPT David Bean USN (Ret) USS Orleck Museum in Jax

15 Nov 2022: BG Purdy from Space Force at Patrick AFB, FL (Zoom)

18 Oct 2022: Steve Howard Camden JDA Five year plan

20 Sep 2022: Rear Adm Richard Buchannan, USN, (Ret) MOAA National Board

21 June 2022: Dr. Johnston, President of Costal College of Georgia

19 April 2022: CDR John Bear, XO LCS USS St Louis Gold crew

15 March 2022: Jessica Warren, GA Extension Agent

15 Feb 2022: Dave Reilly, National Navy League President

18 Jan 2022: John Morrissey, GA Mayor of St Marys.

21 Dec 2021: RADM Spencer, Commander Sub-Group-10

16 Nov 2021: David Rainer,  Aerospace Engineer

19 Oct 2021: CWO Brook Blount, CO of the USCG Cutter Sea Dragon

21 Sep 2021: Tim Crosby from K-9s for Warriors.

15 Jun 2021: CAPT Chester Parks – CO Kings Bay Submarine Base

18 May 2021: Christina Mershell – UF Health Proton Institute (

20 Apr 2021: James Coughlin – JDA

17 Mar 2020 speaker was Jessica Warren, GA Extension Agent

18 Feb 2020 speaker was General Robert Magnus, USMC (ret), 30th Assistant Commandant of the Marine Corps

21 Jan 2020 speaker was  Stephanie Rutain, White Oak Conservation Center

10 Dec 2019 Speaker was George Cressman- 75th Anniversary of D-Day in Normandy

19 Nov 2019 Speaker was RDAM Michael Bernacchi, Commander Sub Group 10

15 October 2019 Speaker was Keith Post, Naval Submarine Museum

17 September 2019 Speakers were be LT Anthony Kline and LT Tyler Farris from Helicopter Maritime Strike Squadron (HSM-40).

18 June 2019 Speaker was Tad Dickman, Director of public relations for the NFL’s Jacksonville Jaguars

21 May 2019 Speaker was CAPT Glen S Leverette, USN, Professor of Naval Science, Commanding Officer, Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps (NROTC), Jacksonville University

16 April 2019 Speaker was be CAPT Chester Parks, New Commanding Officer of Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base

19 Mar 2019 Speaker was Dr. Michelle Johnston, President of College of Coastal Georgia (CCGA)

19 Feb 2019 Speaker was Col Bob Certain, USAF-Ret, MOAA’s Chaplain and Chairman of the Council & Chapter Affairs Committee and Lt Don Nau GMOAA President, for Officer Installations

15 Jan 2019 speaker was RDML Jablon, COMSUBGRU 10

11 Dec 2018 speaker was Vietnam Nurse, Donna Rowe

13 Nov 2018 speaker was Brent Buice and Terry Landreth, the Greenway Project

16 Oct 2018 speaker was MG Robert Dickman, Space, Military, Commercial and the Camden Spaceport

18 Sep 2018 Speaker was Bill Gross. the Project at Exit 3, the “Gateway Project”

19 June 2018 Speaker was COL Brian Banzai Bell, CO of 125th Fighter Wing FANG

15 May 2018 Speaker was George Cressman, WWII Georgia Coast Historian

17 April 2018 Speaker was John Hollett, a Marine Engineer who managed the “Glomar Explorer” Project, a 1970’s CIA/Howard Hughes effort to salvage Russian Submarine K-129.

20 March 2018 Speaker was CAPT Fred Boyles, USN (Ret), KBMOAA President, presented a historical account of  “the Pueblo Incident.”

20 February 2018 Speaker was BG Velma Richardson, USA (Ret) Member, MOAA’s Board of Directors and

1LT Donald H. Nau, USA (Fmr) President, Georgia MOAA, will Install new KBMOAA Officers

16 January 2018 Speaker was Hans Offringa,  author of “Raising the Kursk “,  covering disaster and salvage of the Russian nuclear submarine Kursk.

12 Dec 2017 Speaker was Rear Admiral Michael Holland, Commander, Submarine Group 10

14 Nov 2017 Speaker was Gary Ingram Cumberland Island Ranger

17 Oct 2017 Speaker was John Morrissey, Mayor of St Marys, GA

19 Sep 2017 Speaker was Georgia State Rep Jason Spencer

20 June, 2017 Speaker was Mike Lusk, Superintendent of Okefenokee Wildlife Refuge

16 May 2017 Speaker was Mark Yates, Maritime Mammal program at Kings Bay Sub Base

18 Apr 2017 Speaker was Capt Mark “Beau” Beaudry, Vice President Coastal Georgia Honor Flight

21 Mar 2017 speaker was  LtCOL Nanci Visser, USMC (Ret), former National MOAA Board Member, will speak on women in the military

21 Feb 2017 speaker was COL Biff Hadden, President of Georgia MOAA Council

17 Jan 2017 Speaker was  Dr. Roger Smith, a research historian with Colonial Research Associates .

20 December 2016 Speaker was  CDR Joe Gaskill, USCG, CO of Kings Bay Maritime Protection Force.

15 November 2016 Speaker was MAJ James Holler IV from the JSTARS Squadron at Robbing AFB.

18 October 2016 Speaker was Don Gardner, PHD, Georgia Ag & Natural Resources Agent

20 Sep 2016 Speaker was CAPT Dave Reilly, USN (Ret), St Marys City Council

21 June 2016 our Guest Speaker was Cheryl Van Dyke from College of Coastal Georgia including Veteran Affairs at the school.

17 May 2016 our Guest Speaker was be LTjg Jonathan Gosselin, Training Officer from P-8 A Squadron VP-45

19 Apr 2016 our Guest Speaker was Tommy Sailor, Facilities and Energy Manager for the Marine Corps Support Facility on Blount Island

15 March 2016 Guest Speaker was Chief Tim Hatch, St Marys, GA Chief of Police

16 Feb 2016 Guest Speaker General Robert Mathus, 30 Asst Commandant of the Marine Corps

19 Jan 2016 Guesr speaker CDR Paul R. Burkhart, USN, CO Pre-Commissioned LCS ship LITTLE ROCK (LCS 9).

17 Nov 2015 Guest Speaker, Dennis Oliverio, USMC, (Ret), and his Service Dog  “Winchester” from  K-9s for Warriors 

15 Sep 2015 Guest Speaker, CAPT David Adams, Prospective Commanding Officer of USS Georgia Blue (SSGN 729B).

16 June, 2015 Guest Speaker.  Lieutenant Colonel H. T. (Tom) Hayden, USMC (Ret), his subject is Anti/Counter-Terrorism

19 May, 2015 Guest Speaker, Audry Mazzotta, Regional Program Coordinator for the Joe Foss Institute

21 April, 2015 Guest Speaker, Rear Admiral Charles Richard, Commander, Submarine Group 10, Kings Bay, Georgia

24 Mar 2015 Steve Howard, Camden County County Administrator and the subject is the Camden Spaceport

17 Feb 2015 CAPT John P. Carter, Special Adviser to RDML Richard, Commander Submarine Group 10

20 Jan 2015 James Coughlin, Executive Director, Joint Development Authority of Camden County.

16 Dec 2014 CAPT Fred Boyles, USNR speaking on his recent experience with US Joint Operations in Korea

18 Nov 2014 our guest speaker is – Mardyth Pollard, Attorney, and subject is “why we have to plan legally to grow old”

21 Oct 2014 – LCDR Empen, Executive Officer, of the Maritime Force Protection Unit at Kings Bay

Sep 2014 – CAPT Larry Hill, Commanding Officer of the Trident Refit Facility (TRF) 

June 2014 – Dr. Gregory F. Aloia, the fifth president of the College of Coastal Georgia 

May 2014 – John Telgener.  from the Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum, Savannah, GA 

Apr 2014 –  Sheila McNeill, President of Camden Partnership and John Morrissey, Mayor of St Marys, GA

Mar 2014 – Fred Tetor, Staff member at the Warren Lasch Conservation Center – HL Hunley Submarine

Feb 2014 – MAJ Calvin Posner, President, Georgia MOAA

Jan 2014 – Howard Sepp Jr., FACHE, Vice President/Administrator, Southeast GA Health System

Dec 2013 – Col Barry Wright  MOAA Director, Council and Chapter Affairs

Nov 2013 – COL Harre Draper, USA (Ret) -Army Special Forces

Oct 2013 – CAPT Orren Crouch, USN (Ret) – Joint Chiefs of Staff J6 – Mission Partner Environment (MPE)

Sep 2013 – Jim Proctor, Camden County Sheriff

June 2013 – Antoinette Caruso, “Food as an Alternative Medicine”

May 2013 – Gary Belson, Defense Consultant providing Assessments and Training to the Federal Government

April 2013 – Michael Creo, Senior HR for Gulfstream Aerospace Corp, Brunswick, GA

March 2013 – Melvin Griffin, Special Agent, NCIS Kings Bay, GA

February 2013 – Captain Kelly McDowell Deputy Commander/Chief of Staff, Submarine Group Ten

January 2013 – Dave Reilly, CAPT, USN (Ret), National Director of Navy League

December 2012 – Gregory Whitney, Director National Cemetery, Jacksonville, FL

November 2012 – Mike Anderson, Task Order Manager/Team Leader for 9 Aviation Programs at NAWTCSD, Orlando, FL

October 2012 – Congressman Jack Kingston

September 2012 – Dominick Braccio, Assistant Director of the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) Brunswick, GA

June 2012 – Walter L. Williams, PHD, BA from the Department of Veterans Affairs

May 2012 – Colonel James O. Eifert is the commander of the 125th Fighter Wing, Florida Air National Guard, Jacksonville, FL

April 2012 – RADM Tofalo, Commander Submarine Group Ten, Kings Bay, GA

Mar 2012 – CAPT Fred Boyles, USNR and Superintendent of Cumberland Island National Seashore – Subject: Andersonville (Civil War Era)

February 2012 – Rear Admiral John C. “Jack” Scorby, Jr. Commander, Navy Region Southeast

January 2012 – CAPT Tracy L. Howard, Chief of Staff, Submarine Group Ten, Kings Bay, GA.

December 2011 – Cheri Richter with the St Marys- War of 1812 Bicentennial Committee

November 2011 – Barbra Ryan, Publisher of the St Marys Magazine

October 2011 – CAPT John O’Neill, Commanding Officer, Naval Submarine Base, Kings Bay, GA

June 2011 – Christine Daniel, President/CEO of the Camden County Chamber of Commerce

May 2011 – LCDR William Woodfin, Executive Officer Marine Security Force, Kings Bay, GA

April 2011 – CAPT Fred Boyles, Senior Supply Officer of the Joint Training Unit of the US Transportation Command at Scott Air Force Base, Illinois.